NJ Dept. of Agriculture -Spotted Lanternfly, See It, Report It!

Published 05/28/2019

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry has requested that NJ residents be made aware of the possible influx of the Spotted Lanternfly.

The Division of Plant Industry’s goal is to safeguard New Jersey’s plant resources from injurious insect and disease pests. Through its detection, inspection, eradication and control programs, the division helps to ensure that farmers and others who buy and sell plants and plant products enjoy high quality, pest-free products. The division oversees programs that certify plant stock for interstate and international shipments, protects forested communities from tree loss caused by the gypsy moth and Asian longhorned beetle, inspects honeybees for harmful bee diseases and pests, regulates the quality of plant seeds, and produces and releases beneficial insects to reduce crop and environmental damage and decrease dependence on chemical pesticides.

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