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Staff Directory

Liaison to Public Safety & Veterans Affairs


Deputy Mayor 
Liaison to Parks & Recreation
Donald Brauckmann

Township Committee

Liaison to Economic Development & Finance
Ryan F. Horner

Liaison to Administration and Health & Senior Services

Albert D. Segrest

Liaison to Public Works 
Ernest McGill

Township Solicitor
Kelly Grant Esq.
Capehart Scatchard, P.A.

Public Works Superintendent
Todd Day
1601 Union Landing Rd.
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Office/Department Title Name Extension E-mail
Township Administrator Township Administrator 856-829-6000
ext 2398
Township Clerk/Registrar Township Clerk/Registrar Lisa A. Passione 856-829-6000 ext 2397
Tax Collector Tax Collector Sandra J. Root 856-829-6000
ext 2302
Tax Collector Clerk Paula Fillmyer 856-829-6000
ext 2301
Planning/Zoning Secretary Patricia Rucci 856-829-6000
ext 2313
Zoning Zoning Officer John Marshall 856-829-6000
ext 2396
Tax Assessor Tax Assessor Dennis DeKlerk 856-829-6000
ext 2315
Tax Assessor Clerk Robyn Free 856-829-6000
ext 2315
Construction Technical Assistant Lori Neely 856-829-6000 ext 2311
Construction Fax Fax 856-303-0265
Payroll/HR Clerk Julie Edmondson 856-829-6000 ext 2314
Accounts Payable Clerk  Jennifer Scarpa 856-829-6000 ext 2305
Township CFO Township CFO Julia Edmondson 856-829-6000 ext 2314
Town Hall Fax Fax 856-829-3361
Municipal Court Court Administrator Dana Aldrich, CMCA 856-829-6000
ext 2309
Municipal Court Deputy Court Administrator Bridget Gentile 856-829-6000
ext 2321
Municipal Court Violations Clerk Kimberly Horsley 856-829-6000
ext 2317


Municipal Court Fax Fax 856-829-2893
Sewer Authority Administrator Cindy Doerr 856-829-5290
Sewer Authority Clerk Amy Williams 856-829-5287
Parks & Rec Secretary Patricia Hafner 609-605-0530
Public Works Superintendent Todd Day 829-6000 ext 2399
Public Works Parks Department Mike McDonald 856-630-7004
Public Works Mech. Supervisor John Force 829-6000 ext 2405
Public Works Road Supervisor Scott Salvano  856-829-6000 ext 2402
Public Works Recycle Coordinator Karen Zlotnik 856-829-6703
Police Department Director of Public Safety 856-829-6667
Fire District Fire District Office Jean Dietrick 856-829-5220
Fire District Fire Official Danny Norman 856-829-5220