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Staff Directory

Township Committee

Liaison to Public Works

Albert Segrest
[email protected]

Deputy Mayor
Liaison to Parks and Recreation & Veterans Affairs

Stephanie Kravil
[email protected]

Liaison to Public Safety
Ernest McGill
[email protected]

Liaison to Finance and Economic Development
Ryan F. Horner
[email protected]

Liaison to Administration and Senior Services
Paul Conda
[email protected]

Township Solicitor
Stuart A. Platt, Esq.
Platt & Riso, P.C

Office/Department Title Name Extension Extension E-mail
Township Administrator Township Administrator Eric J. Schubiger Eric J. Schubiger 856-829-6000 [email protected]
Township Clerk/Registrar Township Clerk/Registrar Lisa A. Passione 856-829-6000 ext 2397 [email protected]
Tax Collector Tax Collector Sandra J. Root 856-829-6000 ext 2302 [email protected]
Tax Collector Tax Collector Clerk 856-829-6000 ext 2301
Planning/Zoning Secretary Patricia Rucci 856-829-6000 ext 2313 [email protected]
Zoning Zoning Officer John Marshall 856-829-6000 ext 2396 [email protected]
Tax Assessor Tax Assessor Dennis DeKlerk 856-829-6000 ext 2315 [email protected]
Tax Assessor Clerk Robyn Free 856-829-6000 ext 2315 -
Construction Technical Assistant Lori Neely 856-829-6000 ext 2311 [email protected]
Construction Fax Fax 856-303-0265 - Payroll/HR Clerk Julie Edmondson 856-829-6000 ext 2314 [email protected]
Accounts Payable Clerk Paula Fillmyer 856-829-6000 ext 2305 [email protected]
Township CFO Township CFO Julia Edmondson 856-829-6000 ext 2314 [email protected]
Town Hall Fax Fax 856-829-3361 -
Municipal Court Court Administrator Dana Aldrich, CMCA 856-829-6000 ext 2309 [email protected]
Municipal Court Deputy Court Administrator Bridget Gentile 856-829-6000 ext 2321 [email protected] Municipal Court Violations Clerk Kimberly Horsley 856-829-6000 ext 2317 [email protected]
Municipal Court Fax Fax 856-829-2893 -
Sewer Authority Administrator Kim Fitzpatrick 856-829-5290 -
Sewer Authority Clerk Amy Williams 856-829-5287 -
Parks & Rec Coordinator Christine Turner 829-6000 [email protected]
Public Works Superintendent Kevin Gauntt 829-6000 ext 2399 [email protected]
Public Works Parks Department Mike McDonald 829-6000 [email protected]
Public Works Mech. Supervisor John Force 829-6000 ext 2405 [email protected]
Public Works Road Supervisor Scott Salvano 856-829-6000 ext 2402 [email protected]
Public Works Recycle Coordinator Karen Zlotnik 856-829-6703 [email protected]
Police Department - - 856-829-6666 -
Fire District Fire District Office Jean Dietrick 856-829-5220 Fire District
Fire District Fire Official Lee Park 856-829-5220
Fire District Fire Chief/Administrator William Kramer 856-829-5220

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