Mayor’s Message

Welcome to Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey.

Cinnaminson is a community of 17,064 people and is a family friendly, vibrant, and ideally situated affordable suburban town. Our residents enjoy a high quality of life and we pride ourselves on quality municipal services, attractive and safe neighborhoods, first-rate schools, exceptional parks and recreation opportunities, engaging community events, and a thriving business district. Cinnaminson’s caring citizens generously volunteer their time and energies towards countless civic organizations and township activities and are always willing to support worthy causes.

Cinnaminson Township is proud of our fiscal efforts to control spending and being ever mindful of the portion our residents pay towards their local purpose (municipal) taxes – which is only 18% of the total tax bill. Last year our residents saw a decrease in their local purpose tax bill and this year there was no increase, all while maintaining current services. Our Township Committee and local government officials are dedicated to effectively serving all of our citizens with an emphasis on treating each other with civility and respect.

All of the above make Cinnaminson a great place to live, work, or raise a family. We encourage you to explore our township to learn more about our wonderful community. Thank you for visiting.


Paul Conda, Mayor

Administrator’s Message

Dear Residents,

Cinnaminson Township is a wonderful community in which to live, work and play! Under the stewardship of our Township Committee, our dedicated municipal employees provide important local public services with a strong commitment to customer service and professionalism. Fiscal responsibility, a highly regarded school district, cutting edge park facilities, recreation and sports programs for all ages, convenient location, outstanding emergency and public safety services, a business-friendly environment and the civic engagement of our residents are just some of the things which make Cinnaminson a very special place. I work closely with our Township Committee members, local public officials, residents, municipal employees and business owners to ensure that Cinnaminson remains on the right path. Working collaboratively with all of our community stakeholders is the best way to sustain progress and community pride. Please feel free to stop by the Municipal Building to meet with me or contact me directly at (856) 735-2398.

Best wishes,

Eric J. Schubiger
Township Administrator

Cinnaminson Township Committee

Mayor Paul Conda
Serving Since 2019
Term expires – 2024
Committee Liaison Position: Administration and Senior Services
Contact: [email protected]

Deputy Mayor Stephanie Kravil
Serving Since 2018
Term expires – 2025
Committee Liaison Position: Parks & Recreation and Veterans Affairs
Contact: [email protected]

Committeeman Albert Segrest

Serving Since 2018
Term expires – 2024
Committee Liaison Position:
Public Works
Contact: [email protected]

Committeeman Ryan Horner
Serving Since 2018
Term expires – 2026
Committee Liaison Position: Finance and Economic Development
Contact: [email protected]

Committeeman Ernest McGill
Serving Since 2018
Term Expires – 2026
Committee Liaison Position: Public Safety
Contact: [email protected]

Cinnaminson Township: A “Township” Form of Government:

In New Jersey, all 565 municipalities, regardless of their form of government can be classified as belonging to one of the five types of traditional governments or one of the seven types of optional forms of municipal governments.

The five traditional forms are: The Borough, The Township, The City, The Town and The Village.

The seven optional forms of government available for adoption are: The Commission, the Council-Manager Act of 1923, The Mayor-Council Plan, the Council-Manager Plan, the Small Municipality Plan, the Mayor-Council-Administrator Plan, and Special Charters.

Of these seven, all are available by adoption except for the Small Municipal Plan which is only available to municipalities with a population under 12,000.

In Cinnaminson… we operate under one of the traditional forms of government….. the Township Form of Government.

The Township Form is the oldest form of Municipal Government in New Jersey… and is current used by 144 out of the 566 municipalities.

Under the current township government laws, the township committee remains the backbone of the municipality’s government. Voters elect… at large… the township committee comprising of five members. The elections are partisan and the committee members serve staggered three year terms. Each member of our township committee serve as commissioners of various township departments, overseeing the work of those areas along with overall legislative issues and executive responsibilities. Their power is equal and not as individuals so all matters must be decided by a majority of the committee.

In this form of government, the members of the committee select the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to serve for a one year term. The Mayor serves as the chair of the township committee and the head of our Municipal Government. He or She has a voice and a vote in all issues before the committee. He or She also has all the general powers be-stowed to Mayor’s by New Jersey law.

Some of those general powers are selecting certain members to the planning and zoning boards, selecting members of any Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committees, signing checks, contracts and other legal documents as authorized by the majority of committee, setting items on the meeting agendas, swearing oaths, and performing marriage ceremonies statewide.

This is how our government in Cinnaminson works.

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