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2024 Cinnaminson Township Planning Board

Name Term Begins Term Expires
William O'Connor 01/01/2024 12/31/2026
Frank Gallagher 01/01/2024 12/31/2024
Dolores Woodington 01/01/2023 12/31/2026
Albert Segrest 01/01/2024 12/31/2024
Cynthia Lamon 01/01/2022 12/31/2025
Michael Minton 01/01/2024 12/31/2024
Rory Maradonna 01/01/2023 12/31/2026
John Snyder 01/01/2023 12/31/2026
Kevin McGill 01/22/2023 12/31/2026
Alternate #1
Kevin Shallow 01/01/2024 12/31/2024
Alternate #2
Michael Roadside 01/01/2024 12/31/2024

SECRETARY – Patricia Rucci
SITE PLAN INSPECTORS – Remington, Vernick and Arango,
SOLICITOR – Douglas Heinold, Esq.
ENGINEER – Remington & Vernick

Planning Board:

The Cinnaminson Township Planning Board is tasked with ensuring that the Township’s Master Plan regarding development is followed. The Board will also make amendments to the Township’s Master Plan on an as needed basis. The Board processes and approves all applications for site plans in accordance with the provisions of the Township code. The Board also acts on variances and certain building permits in conjunction with subdivisions, site plans and conditional use approval pursuant to the States Municipal Land Use Law. The Planning Board meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. To submit an application to the Planning Board, please contact Ms. Patricia Rucci at 856-829-6000 ext 2313.

2024 Cinnaminson Township Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board meets on the first Wednesday of every month, 6:30pm at Town Hall. All meetings will be posted on our calendar.

Name Term Begins Term Expires
John J. Bednarek 01/01/2021 12/31/2024
Mary Ellen Stasko 01/01/2024 12/31/2025
Norma Galosi 01/01/2024 12/31/2027
Lisa Woodman 01/01/2021 12/31/2024
John Neely 01/01/2023 12/31/2026
Ronald Trampe 01/01/2023 12/31/2026
Noel Devlin 01/01/2022 12/31/2025
Alternate #1
Nick Anninos 01/01/2024 12/31/2024
Alternate #2
Tammy Sherlock 01/01/2024 12/31/2025

Engineer – Pennoni Associates
Zoning Board Attorney –
Secretary – Patricia Rucci
Zoning Officer – Michael Minton

Zoning Board of Adjustment:

The Zoning Board of Adjustment has the authority to hear and decide appeals of any order, requirement, decision or refusal made by the zoning officer based or made on the provisions of the Township’s zoning ordinance. In addition, the Zoning Board of Adjustment hears and decides requests for interpretation of the zoning map or ordinance. A Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 525) is used to regulate and limit the uses of land, as well as the uses and locations of buildings and structures on a particular lot. Cinnaminson Township has nine different Residential Zones, and six different Commercial/Industrial Zones; each with its own set of requirements. Each Zone has a number of “bulk” requirements which include the maximum building height permitted, the minimum lot size required, the minimum setback to all property lines, and the maximum lot coverage by buildings. The Zoning Officer enforces the Zoning Regulations as defined in Chapter 525 to ensure the proper use of buildings and lands throughout the Township. The Zoning Officer can be reached at 856-829-6000 ext. 2396. The Cinnaminson Township Zoning Board of adjustment meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Township’s Municipal Building. To schedule an appearance with the Zoning Board of Adjustment, please contact Ms. Patricia Rucci at 856-829-6000 ext. 2313.

2024 Cinnaminson Township Parks and Recreation Committee

Name Term Begins Term Expires
Stephanie Kravil 01/01/2024 12/31/2024
Robert McGough 01/01/2022 12/31/2024
Brian S. Devone 01/01/2024 12/31/2026
Dan Eckard 01/01/2023 12/31/2025
Kimberly Kelly 01/01/2024 12/31/2025
Rick Wojnar 01/01/2022 12/31/2024

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